SCEA Narrative

St. Croix Education Association: Our narrative for public education

Every student deserves access to public schools that are safe, welcoming, and affirming. Each student deserves a school community that recognizes and celebrates their multiple identities. We believe limitless potential exists in all of our students and we are committed to ensuring that they are seen, heard and believed when they choose to share their lived experiences with us.

  • We are committed to interrupting and eliminating the disparities in our schools and dismantling the unjust barriers and bias in our school community.
  • We are committed to co-creating learning environments with district, community partners, and students that are rooted in social and racial justice and that are responsive to the needs of all of our students.
  • We are committed to elevating and leveraging our voices as educators to ensure that our public schools are spaces where all students, families and staff are valued and supported.
  • We are committed to using our collective strength as a union to reimagine our schools and community into places where we all can thrive.
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