SCEA Executive Board

Executive Board: The executive board meets the third Wednesday of each month act 4:00 p.m. at sites around the district. Please check with your building representative for more information or if you are interested in attending.

President Tony Klehr

Phone: 651-351-6083, Email:

Vice President Brandon Auge

Phone: 651-327-9079, Email:

Treasurer Kelly Hoskins

Phone: 651-351-6776, Email:

Secretary Debbie Drommerhausen

Phone: 651-351-8111, Email:

Economic Services and Negotiations Todd Kapsner

Phone: 651-351-8170, Email:

Communications Rachel Steil

Phone: 651-351-8131, Email:

Membership Elizabeth Coash

Phone: 651-351-8643, Email:

Public Affairs

Professional Development Andrea Schueler

Phone: 651-351-8163, Email:

Negotiations Aaron Danielson

Phone: 651-351-8170, 651-351-8760 Email:

Member Rights Special Education Michael Albers

Phone: 651-351-8668 , Email:

Education MN Field Staff 

Kevin Nielson

Phone 612-212-6713: , Email:

Education Minnesota, Woodbury Office
2042 Wooddale Drive, Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125

651-734-0120 (X3504)  

800-651-9073 (X3504)  651-734-0116 (Fax)

651-247-6298 (cell)

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