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SCEA Teacher Recognition 2018-19

Michelle Engelstad

Laurie Hansen

Michelle Haugen

Mike Mustar

Katy Pupungatoa

SCEA Educator Recognition Nomination Form 2019 (click to print PDF)

St. Croix Education Association

Recognized Educator Form


Educators share their time, energy, knowledge, and most of all, themselves.

Educators share enthusiasm, who impart to us the joy and love of learning.

Educators spark the fire of our imaginations and kindle our dreams.

We have OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS in the St. Croix Education Association who are positively influencing young minds. Please take a moment to show a colleague that you appreciate the wonderful job they do each and every day for the students in our Stillwater Area Community. Please nominate them for this year’s ST. CROIX EDUCATION ASSOCIATION EDUCATOR RECOGNITION. It is important for our educators to know other educators, principals, parents and students support them.

Last year, we were excited to honor the following SCEA Recognized Educators: Michelle Engelstad, Laurie Hansen, Michelle Haugen, Mike Mustar, and Katy Pupungatoa

(note:Because of the large amount of deserving educators, please refrain from nominating the above previously recognized educators).

I would like to nominate ________________________________________________________

who, this year, teaches at __________________________________________________ school

in the following subject area: _______________________________________________________

This teacher is inspirational to students in the following ways:


Submitted by _______________________________

Please send this form by April 19to Rachel Steil at Stillwater Area High School. 5701 Stillwater Blvd. Stillwater, MN 55082 or

If you would like to be on the Selection Committee for this year’s Educator Recognition, please send this portion to Rachel Steil. THANK YOU!

Yes, I’d like to be on the SCEA Educator Recognition committee this year: _______________________________

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