Opportunities for Activism

Learn how you can get involved

Check out additional resources from Education Minnesota!

· Read a recommended article from a union publication

· Attend your building meetings

· Visit the SCEA website and Education Minnesota Website

· Contact a legislator about education issues

· Attend the year-end party to honor the teaching profession and SCEA retirees

· Attend the fall SCEA fun walk/run

· Serve as a Building Rep

· Serve as a Council Chair

· Speak casually about SCEA with friends and neighbors

· Read the SCEA minutes

· Invite a fellow member to join you at a SCEA function

· Volunteer at the Ed MN booth at the State Fair

· Contribute money to SCEA, Ed MN, NEA or AFT causes in solidarity with other unions

· Stay informed about professional issues

· Speak about union membership with new teachers in your building

· Offer suggestions to the negotiating team

· Attend Ed MN Summer Seminar for various union training

· Attend other Ed MN training opportunities such as Member Rights or TALL training

· Attend SCEA ER&D course

· Take ER&D training to become a course instructor

· Attend or facilitate a SCEA sponsored book study

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