Lawrence Becking

1.  Why are you running for the school board? In your opinion, what is the most important role of a board member?

2.  Why are you seeking our endorsement?  What does the endorsement of our unions mean to you personally?

3.  How has your racial identity shaped and informed your world view?  How are you actively working to expand your own racial and cultural lens?

4.  As described by the Minnesota School Boards Association, what does governance mean to you in terms of board work and the role of the school board members?

5.  What has been your personal involvement or knowledge regarding unions and collective bargaining?  How would you, as a school board member, interact with union leadership?

6.  Share examples of systemic and institutional racism that you have experienced or observed in Stillwater public schools.  How will you work toward dismantling those barriers?

7.  How do you think decisions should be made that impact curriculum, assessment, staffing, and school management?  What are the roles of teachers, paraprofessionals, and administration in these decisions? What is the role of the school board in these decisions?

8.  How do you define collaboration? What would collaboration among your fellow board members look like to you?

9.  What steps would you take to actively work on trust-building with each of these groups? a) District administration;  b) District staff including paraprofessionals, custodians, food service workers, counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, secretaries, school bus drivers, early childhood educational assistants, community education staff, technology support staff, nurses, and teachers;  c) District students and families, including racially, culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse students and families;  d) Fellow board members;  e) Our community at large.

10.  Describe current and future initiatives that you feel are priorities for our district.

11.  Thinking about the next five years, there are bound to be economic challenges facing public education in Minnesota and in our district. How do you propose to address these economic challenges?

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